By 1991 Queenborough Gardens has been built behind Hoblands; Byfield and Avondale have been built in Kemnal Warren original grounds; Acorn Close and the three houses opposite South Lodge on Kemnal Road have been built, and Pickwick Way has been extended onto Selwood land.

Since 1991, there has been more development; indeed the pace of development seems to have increased. South Home and Westerland have both been redeveloped and renamed (Oaklands and Worsley Grange). A new house, Piermont, has been built between South Lodge and Mulbarton Court. Columbine has been replaced by Buxton Manor, and Kemnal Lodge has been replaced by a much larger building. Woodheath Cottage has been demolished and new house built on its site and Hoblands Cottage has been rebuilt. Hoblands itself has a new swimming pool.