Particulars and Conditions of Sale of Kemnal House, 1841

On this page are sales particulars of the house and estate when it was sold in 1841.

Keminghole House 1841

An admired Abode, in the immediate vicinity of Chiselhurst, Kent, surrounded by a Delightful Domain, of about 130 acres, of which nearly forty-five acres are Hanging Woods and very thriving plantations; being a famous Cover for Game, with which the estate abounds. The Farm Buildings are well placed, and include every thing essential to manage the Farm with profit. The Entrée is by a Lodge Gate on the High Maidstone Road; which will be sold by Auction, by Mr. Geo. Robins, at the Auction Mart, London, on Thursday, May 13th, 1841, at Twelve o’Clock.

(It can only be seen by Cards. Particulars, Twenty-one days prior to the Sale, with a Lithographic Plan and Drawing, to be had at the Residence; also at the best Inns at Chiselhurst and Eltham; The Bell, Maidstone; of Messes Hodgson and Concanen, Solicitors, No. 21, Lincoln’s Inn Fields; The Auction Mart; and at Mr. Geo. Robins’ Offices, Covent Garden.)

Particulars &c. of Kemnal House, (otherwise Keminghole). May 1841 [and again in October 1846 with later amendments indicated with *]
An admired abode, with its manorial rights and privileges, in the immediate vicinity of Chiselhurst, ten miles from the Metropolis and with pretensions that few of its contemporaries possess. It is happily placed on a fine and commanding spot, overlooking the Estate and a rich Valley, protected during the wintry season from the cold winds by The Woods and Plantations.

The building is very substantial, with oak sashing throughout it, indeed Solidity has prevailed, with much of very good taste to direct it, and lots of comfort will be found throughout; *(it is in the most thorough and complete Repair, having been Painted and Decorated during the last summer.) A London Banker, or Merchant, or say one disposed to Field Sports, will live in clover at Kemnal.

The Villa Residence is surrounded by A Shrubbery and Lawn.

The following accommodation will be found within, viz:-
• Four very airy Attic Chambers, Six best Bed Chambers, and Two Dressing Rooms, Commodite *(with Water-Closet).
• An elegant Drawing Room, about 22 feet by 18, with Cedar Floor;
• A Breakfast Parlour, about 21 feet 6 by 18, leading to the Conservatory, and leading to the Lawn, a Study, Dining Parlour, about 22 feet by 18, with elegant Statuary Marble Chimney Piece, highly ornamented, a small Library, Housekeeper’s Room, Servants’ Hall, Gamekeeper’s Room, Butler’s Room, Pantry for Housemaid. Under Ground Floor – a large Kitchen, Scullery and Pump, cool Larder, Knifehouse, Wine, Ale and Coal Cellars.

The Out Offices include a four stall stable, harness room, a three stall stable, double coach house, , Bath-house, Brewhouse, Cellar, Pighouse, with Three Sleeping Rooms for Servants above.

The Farm buildings comprise a capital double Barn, entirely new, with Deal Floor, Piggeries, Feeding Stalls for Bullocks, all new; Three loose Stalls, Pens for Six Cows and Two Calves, new; Standing for Horses and Cows, Cart-horse Stalls, Waggon and Cart Sheds, Stock Yard, Henhouse, Dog Kennel, Granary and cool Dairy.

There is a good Garden and Plantation Walk, which nearly encircles the Residence, and a Conservatory and Greenhouse to adorn it.
There is also a pleasing Summer-House, and the South Wall is famous for its Fruit Trees.

The Estate extends to 127 acres, 3 roods, 3 perches, of which near 45 acres are Hanging Woods and very thriving Plantations, a famous cover for Game, with which the Estate abounds, and the Underwoods in regular succession yield an Income of £100 a year.

The Farm Buildings are well placed, and include every thing essential to manage the Estate with advantage and profit. A Streamlet passes the Property very prettily through the Home Grounds. In respect to the quality of the soil, it cannot be better demonstrated than by stating Five Quarters of Wheat and Two Tons of Hay is an average crop, and that Bullocks are Fatted upon the Pasture Lands. Its easy access to London – the exceedingly respectable Society in the vicinage – and the delightful Walks within The Cool and Shaded Woods, Impervious to the Summer Heat, and must not be overlooked.

The Entrance is by a solid Lodge-gate of good design, on The High Maidstone Road, A little beyond the Ten Mile-stone, One Mile and a Half from Eltham, and all the Maidstone and Folkestone Coaches pass.

The sporting of the Manor may be let for about £40 a Year, and the Annual Value of the Property is £376 per annum, at the least.

The Property is held upon Lease for Twenty Years from Old Michaelmas Day, 1841, from New College, Oxford, renewable every Seven Years, according to custom, for ever, upon payment of a Fine, subject to the Payment of the accustomed fees (about £1 18s. per annum); and also 434 gallons of Wheat Rent, or the Oxford market-place price thereof, which is estimated on an average of the last Nine Years at about £20 12s. per annum. The usual College Instrument for holding Courts and for Sporting, will be procured for the Purchaser at his expense. The Tithes are moderate: the Poor, Church, and Highway Rates, do not exceed £20 3s. 9d.; and the Land Tax is Four Guineas per annum.

The Growth of Underwood, Crops in the Ground, Manure, and Fixtures, must be taken by the Purchaser, at a fair Valuation.