Particulars and Conditions of Sale of The Kemnal Estate, 1871

Particulars and Conditions of Sale of The Kemnal Estate, 1871

Sales document 1871Particulars with Plan and Conditions of Sale of the above Choice and Valuable Property, extending over 132a. 3r. 20p., principally in the Parish of Chislehurst, with a small part in Footscray Parish, lying compactly together. Commencing about one-third of a mile from Chislehurst Common, and extending in a northerly direction, to the Maidstone Turnpike Road, from which it is approached by an Ornamental Entrance Lodge, and consisting of a Moderate-Sized Family Mansion, with suitable Offices, placed in Ornamental Pleasure Grounds; a large Double Conservatory, and Excellent Stabling of Modern Construction, with a very good Farm Homestead near thereto; also, a Large and Productive Kitchen Garden, Completely Walled, with Vineries, a Pine-Pit, a Cucumber House, a Green House, Appliances for Forcing, &c., together with Three Ornamental Cottage Dwellings, the whole placed nearly in the centre of Well Timbered Park Lands, with adjacent woodlands, affording pleasant seclusion, and possessing great capabilities for future development as a first-class Building Estate, together with the Manor, or reputed Manor, of Kemnal, with Possession on the 11th Day of October next: which will be offered for sale by auction, by Messrs Daniel Smith, Son, & Oakley, at the Auction Mart, Tokenhouse Yard. City, E.C., on Tuesday, the 8th day of August, 1871, at one for two o’Clock – in one lot.

The Kemnal Estate, situate in the Beautiful neighbourhood of Chislehurst, about 2 miles from that Station, on the South-Eastern Railway (Main Line), about the same distance from Sidcup Station, on the Dartford Loop Line; and about 10 miles from the Metropolis; the journey to and from The London Bridge, Cannon Street, and Charing Cross Termini, occupying about 25 minutes by many fast Trains daily.

A choice, attractive, and compact Freehold Residential Property, (for many years in the Occupation of A.F.Slade, Esq.,) containing 132a. 3r. 20p. of very Valuable undulating Park Land, embellished with Fine Old Timber, with about 36 acres of Ornamental Woodland, the whole Possessing great capabilities for present and future development as a First-Class Building Estate.

The Property commences about one-third of a Mile from Chislehurst Commons, and extends in a Northerly direction to the Maidstone Turnpike Road, on which it abuts, and is approached by a Carriage Drive therefrom, with an Ornamental Entrance Lodge, near the Tenth Milestone from the Metropolis: The whole being bounded principally by the Lands and Woods of Viscount Sydney.

The neighbourhood of Chislehurst is much sought after and appreciated for Residence; it is extremely difficult to obtain Houses there at all, and when built they command high prices. The Estate is situate at a short distance from the Commons, and is now approached by a Private Road. Another access to the Commons can be made without difficulty. There can be no doubt that, if the Property is judiciously laid out for Good Homes, it may be made a Profitable Building Investment, sufficient Land being left round Kemnal House to protect it. On the other hand, if a Gentleman desires to occupy the whole Estate, he will have as enjoyable an Occupation, with a good Residence, as can be found so near the Metropolis, and may rest assured that the Land will gradually increase in value, and prove a Good Investment whenever he may wish to lay it out for Building or to re-sell.

There are three packs of Fox Hounds within reach.

Possession will be given on the 11th of October next.

Kemnal House is a Moderate-Sized Family Mansion, built of Brick (stuccoed), with Slated Roof, Principally 2 Stories in height, but partly 3 stories.
The Internal Accommodation is as follows:-
• On the Upper Story, Five Secondary and Servants’ Bed Chambers, a Water Closet;
• On the Second Story. Three Principal Bed Chambers;
• On the First Story, Four Principal Bed Chambers, 2 Dressing Rooms, a Water Closet, Day and Night Nurseries.
• The Drawing Room, 22ft. 3in. by 18ft. 9in., with Sienna Marble Chimney Piece; good Bow Window, commanding a pleasing view of Shooter’s Hill and Castle;
• A Good Landing, with Skylight.

On the Ground Floor,
• The Entrance Hall.
• The Library, 21ft. 6in. by 17ft. 3in., with Statuary Marble Chimney Piece; 2 pair of French Windows open onto the Carriage Drive and Lawn, another pair of similar Windows open into The Conservatory, 41ft. by 17ft. 9in., and 34ft. 6in. by 25ft. 6in., a spacious Building, heated by Hot Water.
• The Cloak Room, 16ft. by 12ft., with Linen Closet and Boot Cupboard.
• The Dining Room, 22ft. 3in. by 20ft. 3in., with good Bow Window, and an Ornamental Sculptured Statuary and Sienna Marble Chimney Piece.
• The Domestic Offices are shut off from the Hall, by Glazed Folding Doors, and comprise a Butler’s Pantry, a Gentleman’s Water Closet, a Butler’s Bed Room, Servants’ Hall, Small Linen Room.
• There is a Secondary Staircase from the Upper Story, also an Outlet to the Stable Yard.
• In the Basement, the Kitchen, Larder, 2 Wood and Coal Vaults, Scullery, Lobby, 2 Wine Cellars and a Bottle Cellar.

There is a Detached Dairy, with Fountain in the Centre, a meat larder and Wash-house, Brick and Slate, and Room over and Servants’ Closet.
The Stable Yard contains the following Buildings of Modern Erection and Arrangement, built of Good Stock Bricks, with Red Brick Dressing and Slate Roofs, viz:-
• A large Coach House; a good 6-stall Stable and 2 Loose Boxes; Saddle and Harness Room, with Loft over and Clock Tower; Kennels, Wood House, and other suitable Buildings.
• There is a Soft Water Tank in the centre of the Yard, with Pump.

The Farm Homestead contains the following Buildings, all built of Brick, Timber and Tile, and forms a very convenient adjunct to the Stable Yard, and is quite sufficient for the Land as an Occupation in the hands of the Proprietor, viz:-
• A Cow House for 16 Cows, several Loose Boxes, Sheds, Pigsties and other Buildings. Also a Range of Buildings (Brick and Slate), consisting of a Stable for Eight Cart Horses, an open Cart House, and a Chaise House adjoining.
• There is a Cottage Dwelling, of similar erection, adjoining the stables and containing five rooms (built for the Coachman).
• A Carpenter’s Shop, Brick and Slate.

The Kitchen Garden is very Productive. It is enclosed by Good Brick Walls, clothed with Thriving Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Cherries, Pears, Apricots, &c., and there are Good Pyramid Plums and Espalier Pear and Apple Trees, &c.
It contains the following Glass Houses:-
• A Pine-Pit, a Stephanotis House, a Double Vinery, containing Specimens of the Black Hamboro’, Black Muscat, White Ditto, Prince, and other Varieties.
• A Cucumber House, two Melon Pits, all heated by Hot Water.
• A Greenhouse, containing Late Vines.
• A very Pretty Cottage (occupied by the Gardener). It is built of Brick, with Bath Stone Dressings, Part half-Timbered and contains 4 Rooms.
There are a Rosery and Side Slip adjoining the Garden, and two Productive Orchards close thereto.

The Pleasure Grounds round the Mansion, are very Tastefully arranged, and are Embellished with Numerous Handsome Specimens of Pine, Araucaria, Arbor Vitae, Deodars, Cedar of Lebanon, Portugal Laural, Evergreen Oak, Cypress, and other Trees and Shrubs.