The Kemnal Manor Estate, Chislehurst, Kent, Sales particulars 1894

For Sale by Private Contract, David J Chattell, Auctioneer & Surveyor, 29A, (Corner of) Lincolns Inn Fields, London W.C., and at Lower Camden, Chislehurst, Kent

Drawing from the 1894 particulars

The Beautiful Freehold Residential Estate distinguished as Kemnal Manor enjoys a most eligible, convenient and salubrious position in the parishes of Chislehurst and Foots Cray, in the County of Kent, and comprises a thoroughly well-built & admirably-planned Mansion, replete with all modern requirements and sanitary appliances (erected in 1875 on the site of an Ancient Residence), protected by two picturesque lodge entrances, besides three separate dwellings for coachman’s and gardeners’ families; first-rate stabling for nine horses, farmery and outbuildings of an unusually complete description, conservatory, numerous plant and orchard houses, etc., the whole surrounded by a finely-timbered park, delightful old pleasure grounds of a charmingly diversified character; wilderness, woodlands, very prolific fruit and vegetable gardens, orchards, etc., the whole embracing a total area of upwards of one hundred and eleven acres (nearly in a ring fence), bounded on the North by the main road from London to Maidstone, to which there is frontage of 2,019 feet; on the West partly by the Kemnal Road, leading to Chislehurst and Paul’s Cray Commons, to which there are frontages of 5,680 feet, and partly by the Estate of A.F.Slade Esq.; on the South partly by a Private Roadway from West Chislehurst, to which there is a frontage of 720 feet, and partly by the Public Footpath to Sidcup; and on the East by the Estates of the late Earl Sydney, H.H.Berens, Esq., and H.F.Tiarks, Esq. The distance from the nearest part of the Estate to Chislehurst Railway Station is nearly two miles, From Eltham Station a little over half-a-mile, and from Sidcup Station nearly one mile.

The Mansion, which is of pleasing exterior, stands on an elevated plateau over 200 feet above the mean Sea Level, and contains the following accommodation:-

On the second floor –
Two bed rooms for menservants, 16 feet 9 inches by 16 feet 4 inches, and 15 feet by 13 feet; landing, tank room, with hot and soft-water cisterns, box room, and bed room, 16 feet 6 inches by 15 feet 6 inches, all three fitted with stoves and two with wardrobe closets.

On the first floor (12 feet high) –
Landing of back stairs, enclosed by railings and nursery gate; housemaid’s closet, with sink, hot and cold services, cupboards, shelves, &c.;
• Corridor and W.C.;
• Secondary bath room, with fitted bath, hot and cold water, marble mantel, stove, and cupboards;
• Two servants’ bed rooms, 18 feet by 14 feet 10 inches and 12 feet by 14 feet 10 inches, with stoves, marble mantels, and wardrobe closets;
• Day and night nurseries, 17 feet 7 inches by 16 feet and 17 feet 8 inches by 14 feet 9 inches, fitted with coloured marble mantels, stoves and wardrobe closets;
• Spacious principal landing and stair case and picture gallery lighted through tinted glass from the roof; large shelved linen store;
• Principal bath room, 13 feet by 7 feet 6 inches, with full-sized bath in mahogany case, hot and cold services, marble mantel and tiled stove, shelved closet, &c.;
• Bed room with bay, 22 feet 6 inches by 17 feet 6 inches, with marble mantel, tiled stove, hearth, and wardrobe closet;
• Dressing room, 18 feet 9 inches by 8 feet 3 inches, with marble mantel and stove, and to
• Bed room, 18 feet by 12 feet, with marble mantel, stove and wardrobe closet;
• Bed room with bay, 18 feet by 17 feet 9 inches, with marble mantel, tiled stove and hearth, lobby and W.C.;
• Bed room 18 feet 6 inches by 13 feet, with marble mantel and stove;
• Bed room, 20 feet by 13 feet, with marble mantel and stove; and
• Bed room, 20 feet by 16 feet, with marble mantel, tiled stove and hearth, with lift thereto from the ground floor, and opening to
• Dressing room, 20 feet by 8 feet 6 inches, with marble mantel, tiled stove, range of wardrobe closets, and mahogany enclosure of fitted lavatory, with marble top, deep basin and water supply –
affording in all fifteen bedrooms and dressing rooms, which could easily be added to if required.

On the ground floor (14 feet high) –
Open porch, with sides glazed in leaded lights, and door to vestibule, paved with coloured tiles, opening through inner glazed doors to
• Noble and lofty entrance hall, measuring about 30 feet by 26 feet, and open to the roof, fitted with coloured marble mantel stove, tiled hearth, coil of hot-water piptes enclosed in ornamental oak and iron case with marble top, and parqueterie border to floor, corridor, with entrance to Lift, and concealed Plate Closet, and tile-paved passage to garden entrance, having Hat and Cloak Room with sliding doors, and Store Closets over same;
• Drawing Room, with bay and large plate-glass window looking into Conservatory. This charming apartment has expensively-decorated walls and ceiling, measures about 24 feet 6 inches by 23 feet 6 inches, and is fitted with carved statuary marble mantelpiece, steel and ormolu stove, with painted tile panels and tiled hearth.
• The Lofty embayed Conservatory, about 28 feet 6 inches by 22 feet 6 inches, is entered through casement doors both from the Hall and the Grounds, is paved with coloured tiles, heated by pipes encased in trellis case, with stages around, and has water supply;
• Study, 18 feet 6 inches by 13 feet, with panelled ceiling in pitch-pine, and casements opening to the Grounds, is fitted with veined marble mantelpiece, tiled stove, and hearth, and Milner’s Deed Safe built into wall recess;
• Tile-paved lavatory and Cloak Room, with marble fitment of Lavatory, with deep basin and water supply, shelved closets and separate W.C.
• Billiard Room or Library, with bay, 30 feet by 18 feet, heated by coil of pipes in case, and fitted with a very valuable antique statuary marble mantelpiece, supported by inlaid fluted columns, with exquisitely wrought panels of Classical subjects in frieze, stove and tiled hearth.
• Morning room, 21 feet by 16 feet, and Smoking Room (or School Room), 21 feet by 16 feet, both fitted with marble mantels, tiled stoves and hearths, and opening through French casements to tile-paved Verandah and principal lawn on which are some fine old cedars;
• Dining Room, with bay, 28 feet by 17 feet, fitted with valuable arched mantelpiece in coloured marble, stove and tiled hearth, and having separate entrance from Service Lobby.

Plan of the house and farm 1894

The Domestic Offices, on the same ground level, include
• Kitchen, 21 feet 9 inches by 15 feet, with close range and double ovens, by Clark and Hunt, dresser and cupboards;
• Scullery, 18 feet by 9 feet 6 inches, stone paved, and fitted with close range, deep sink with hot, cold and soft water services, cupboards, shelves, and rails as fitted to walls;
• Butler’s Pantry, with stove sink and drainer, with hot and cold water supplies, dresser with lockers under, range of glass and china closets enclosed by sliding doors, sundry cupboards and drawers, Chubb’s safe for plate, and enclosure for folding bed;
• Housekeeper’s Room, 15 feet by 14 feet, fitted with coloured marble mantel and stove, and two ranges of shelved linen presses; large Store Room, with tiled floor and slate and wooden shelves;
• Larder, paved with flags and fitted with slate and wooden shelves;
• Servants’ Hall 20 feet by 15 feet, tile paved and fitted with stove, mantel, two shelved closets and bacon racks to ceiling; tile-paved covered corridor to
• Embayed Dairy, having walls lined with blue and white tiles, marble shelves, fountain in centre, raised floor paved in coloured tiles and surrounded by sunk border lined with white tiles; Game Larder, paved with flags and fitted with slate and wooden shelves;
• Wash-House, with copper, sinks and pump;
• Apple Store, fitted with racks, and staircase to upper room, with stove, mantel and cupboard;
• House Yard, paved with clinkers;
• Tradesmen’s Entrance, Kennel for watch dog, and Cellar Stairs for casks to Basement, Enclosed Yard with two large Coal Houses, Knife and Boot Room, and Servants’ W.C.

In the dry, well-ventilated and lighted Basement – (also approached by staircase from Service Lobby) extending under the whole house, are spacious and lofty binned Wine Cellar, Beer Cellar, Larder, large Pickling Room, with cement floor and slate shelves, Heating Chamber with boiler, and seven additional excellent and useful Cellars for Storage and other purposes.
The windows to principal rooms are fitted with Electric Burglar Alarms and Patent Brass Sash Guards, and there is a Fire Alarm Bell.
The conveniently-placed First-rate Stabling, stands in a large well drained Enclosure, approached by two roads. It is Brick-built and Slated, with Turret and Clock over. Tile-paved and drained covered Entrance and Washing Space, on either side of which is a Loose Box and Harness Room, fitted with stove, hot-water supply, closet and all necessary appliances.

The Central Block is lofty, spacious, fitted with ventilating shafts, brick-paved and drained, and contains three roomy Loose Boxes and four stalls, door and staircase to extensive Forage Lofts over, with loop-hole door for delivery; Pony Stable at the rear, adjoining which is a Brick-built and Tiled Octagonal Brick-paved Granary, erected on raised brick piers, approached by a flight of steps, and containing seven wooden bins; also
the Brick-built and slated Coachman’s Cottage, with Porch, Sitting Room, Kitchen, with range, dresser and sink, and two Bed Rooms, with stoves, and one small Bed Room upstairs; enclosure of small Garden and Yard at rear, with Wash-house and copper, Coal Cellar, Sore Closet and W.C.
Detached Brick-built and Slated Coach-house, 29 feet by 19 feet, paved with with flags, paved and drained Washing Space outside, with gas lamp, and two Groom’s Sleeping Rooms over, approached by ladder. Adjoining is small Brick and Tiled Building now used as a Pigeon-house.
Opposite the Stables are Ranges of Brick and Slated Buildings, comprising a large Workshop, Tool-Houses, Men’s W.C., three Dog Kennels, with railed-in yards and iron gates; two shelved potato and fruit stores, cart-house and bake-house, with oven.

The adjoining Farmery comprises a spacious Enclosure surrounded by brick pathways, with Duck Pond, trough, pump, etc. and large Sewage Tank with overflow to larger Tank in Meadow. Cowman’s brick-built and slated Cottage, containing Sitting Room, with mantel and stove; Kitchen, with range, dresser, etc.; Stone-paved Wash-house, with glass roof, copper and sink; Stone-paved Entrance Passage, with store closet; and three well-fitted Bed Rooms upstairs; enclosure of Small Garden and Yard with E.C. Range of Wood and Tiled Cow-Houses, on brick foundations, paved with brick and flags, with standing for about twelve cows, and Bull House, with feeding passage at rear; Forage Store; Boiler House, and W.C. Range of Wood and Tiled Buildings, on brick foundations, containing Piggeries, fitted with pens and enclosures for turkeys and geese, with feeding passage at rear, and Forage Stores at either end. Range of Brick-built and Slated Buildings, containing a large room, formerly used as a gymnasium, and now as a Poultry and Chicken House; Open Card and Implement Shed and Barn for straw, tools, poultry food etc.; Cart-horse Stables, Wood Sheds, etc. Adjoining the Farmery is a Piece of Ground, enclosed by posts and wire fencing, for growing roots for cattle.

The Lodge Entrance in the Kemnal Road is brick built, with tiled roof and rustic verandah, and contains: Sitting Room, with bay window in leaded lights; Kitchen with range and copper; Coal Cellar; Sore Closets and W.C.; small Garden and Yard; and two Bed Rooms upstairs.

The Lodge Entrance in the Maidstone Road is newly built of brick, with slated roof, and contains: Porch, Entrance Passage and Store Closet; good Sitting Room, with mantel, stove and dwarf cupboards; Kitchen, with range and large cupboard; Scullery, with copper and sink; Larder and W.C., Landing and two good Bed Rooms, with mantels and stoves, upstairs; neat railed-in Front Enclosure and Garden.

The Head Gardener’s Cottage fronting the Carriage Approach from the Maidstone Road to the Mansion, has a picturesque exterior, and contains four good Rooms, Wash-house and W.C.

In the Park, and adjoining the Woodlands, is a substantial Wooden Building, with corrugated iron roof, and paved and drained, with standing for ten cows, calf-pens, etc.

The Glass Houses include Succession Vineries, about 47 feet long, in two divisions, paved, heated with pipes, and stocked with thriving young vines of selected varieties, in full bearing; Orchard House, extending round two sides of fruit walls, about 120 feet long, stocked with peaches, nectarines, figs, etc.; Two ranges of Hot Pits; Melon and Cucumber House; Span-roofed Fernery and Greenhouses adjoining; small Plant-house; Azalea House, about 36 feet long; and an Orchard House, about 153 feet long, on south side of Kitchen Gardens, stocked with peaches, etc.; Wood and Tiled Shed for Implements and Flower Pots; enclosed ground with Cold Pits; Boiler House; Potting and Gardener’s Tool Sheds; Shelved Root and Bulb Store; Large Cemented Water Tank, with pump, and numerous Smaller Tanks.

The Principal Kitchen Garden completely surrounded by high brick walls, protected by glass screens, and clothed with a variety of choice fruit trees, is intersected by well-formed, thoroughly drained and brick-bordered gravel paths, and abundantly stocked with a great variety of bush fruit, strawberry and asparagus beds, raspberry canes, etc.; it is surrounded on two sides by a Second Kitchen Garden and Potato Ground, with a choice selection of pear, cherry and other fruit trees, trained against wall, and having access through folding gates to the Kemnal Road.

On the other sides of the Principal Kitchen Gardens are Two Well-Established Orchards planted with standard fruit trees, and a Pleasant Walk, skirted by a wall clothed with a remarkably fine Wistaria, Magnolias, etc., and flanked by wide borders filled with Herbaceous and Old-fashined flowering plants, and Rose Garden.

Wilderness, with delightful winding walks, shady seats, Small Island, with Pond Garden, Rockery and Stepping Stones, and Collection of Alpine and other Plants.

The Mansion is surrounded by Wide-spreading Lawns & Beautiful Old Pleasure Grounds, of the most charming and diversified description, dressed with a great variety of Conifers, Evergreen Oaks, Laurels, Ornamental Trees, Double Thorns and Flowering Shrubs of unusually fine growth, clumps of the choicest Rhododendrons, Azaleas, etc., Terraced and Broad Gravelled Walks of considerable extent, bordered by Flower Beds, Standard and Bush Rose Trees, etc., and in part skirted by ancient Holly Screens, Rustic Summer-house and Seats, etc.

The exterior of the Mansion, which is built of yellow brick with stone dressings and ornamental courses, is prettily overgrown with choice selected ivies, Roses, Climbing Plants and Virginia Creepers; and adjacent thereto is a Private Garden E.C., surrounded by trellised encloser and concealed by a Shrubbery. The Eastern boundary is screened by Old Woodlands known as “Ashen Grove”, intersected by Paths, with Rabbit Warren, Sand Pit, etc.
The Park extending from the principal front of the Mansion to the Maidstone High Road (bordered by a belt of Limes and Evergreens), contains some fine ancient timber, is ornamented with clumps of Scotch Firs, etc., and is watered by a small running stream with Pond for Cattle. The fine approach from the Kemnal Road is entered through Solid Teak Carriage and Wicker Gates, with Gas Lamps on pedestals at convenient points, crosses a Stone Bridge spanning some Ornamental Water, and is bordered and channelled with granite; and there is a Second Carriage Drive from the Maidstone Road through Entrance Gates, flanked by massive piers of brick and flint. The Stabling and Farmery are reached by separate Carriage Roads from either extremity of the Estate.