About Kemnal Residents' Association

Kemnal Road is a private, unadopted road, and its maintenance, and that of the footpath and verges, is the responsibility of residents and not Bromley Council.

To enable this to be done effectively, all residents of the Road, and subsidiary roads, are members of the Kemnal Residents Association.

A Committee of the Association acts on behalf of members. At each annual general meeting, usually in June, individual residents are voted on to the Committee. This Committee is responsible for discharging the obligations of the Association during the year, and meets quarterly to do so.

The present members of the Committee are:

The following recent information is currently available on this site:

1. Articles of Association

2. AGM Newsletters

3. AGM Minutes

4. Accounts


The Committee supports the work done by the Trustees of Chislehurst Commons and The Chislehurst Society, and would recommend to all residents to support these volunteer groups.