Charles Williams

Charles WilliamsCharles and Lillian Williams moved into Nizels in February 1956. They had previously lived in Essex. Charles was 48 at the time, and Lillian 50. They had two daughters who moved with them, Eunice and Beryl. Eunice did not stay very long, and Beryl was at boarding school for much of the time. Charles had started his own business designing, manufacturing and selling hand-crafted door handles and similar products. The business was based in Hackney. He travelled a great deal, selling his products overseas. Beryl recalls that she was able to join him and Lillian on many of these trips, going to places she otherwise would not have been able to visit.

Charles was something of a workaholic, but when he did have spare time at Nizels, he spent much of it in the large gardens, leaving the running of the house to his wife. He sold the business in 1975, and for the next 24 years, until his death at the age of 89, he lived happily at Nizels. Lillian died the following year.